Member of the Kurjibhai Ramji Group



(Late) Shri Kurjibhai Ramji Patel (1920 – 1982)

- Founder of the Kurjibhai Ramji Group

In a remote village named Baladiya in the Kutch District of Gujarat, India, in the year 1920, Late Shri Kurjibhai Ramji Patel was born in a farmer's family. At an early age, Shri Kurjibhai recognised his inherent potential of turning aspiration into reality. With determination and a zeal for success, he paved his own path for success and started his voyage by boarding a ship to Kenya.

Life in Kenya was no bed of roses, but he knew that this was just the beginning as he could foresee a lot of mantle of success awaiting him. He began his journey as a 'Stone Dresser', and moved on to being a 'Boot Polisher' for foremen. In a couple of years he eventually was promoted to a 'Mason'.

The corbel of success came in mid-1940’s; a solitary reaper turned into a businessman, with the establishment of 'Karsan & Kurji Stone Crusher', in partnership with one of his associates. From dawn to dusk Shri Kurjibhai strived; he mined, crushed, sold quarry products and even delivered them in his now owned truck.

Diversification started from late 1950s, as he envisioned the potential of the Construction Industry in the post-industrialisation era. Thus, the crusher was withdrawn and he started taking up small and medium sized construction works.

After enduring a hard-earned life, Shri Kurjibhai left for heavenly abode in 1982, leaving the reins of the group in the hands of his eldest son, Mr. K. K. Patel.